Theoretical Driving Course

The TDC or Theoretical Driving Course, is required for new drivers and applicants who seek to have a driver’s license for the first time. They will be given a certificate after completing the 15-hour TDC lecture, which is one of the requirements for obtaining a Student-Driver’s Permit. The main aim of the course is to make sure each license is given to disciplined individuals and acquire a massive amount of knowledge about established laws and road safety law.


Face to Face

Driver’s Enhancement Program

Driving Enhancement Program (DEP) is the seminar designed by the LTO for driver’s license holders that covers road safety and land transportation laws, rules, and regulations. It includes the Comprehensive Driver Education and Driver’s Re-orientation Course during the renewal of their driver’s licenses under Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) of the Republic Act No. 10930.

Online and Face to Face

Combination Courses

We offers packages for several combination courses that you wanted to enroll. This is for students who wants to get their student permit and apply for Driver’s License

TDC + Motorcycle

TDC + Car – Manual

TDC + Car – Automatic

Practical Driving Courses

Attendance and completion of a Practical Driving Course (PDC) is a requirement for anyone applying for new driver’s licenses, or those who already have one but want to add a restriction code. Practical Driving Course (PDC) certificates to prove that you have completed the required practical instruction given by LTO or any LTO-accredited driving schools.

Manual and Automatic Transmission

8 hours | 10am – 6pm

4 Wheels – Sedan
Manual Transmission

3 days : 4 hours per day

4 Wheels – Sedan
Automatic Transmission

3 days : 4 hours per day

Become a licensed driver

Learn from Professional Driving Instructors

Our instructors are licensed and accredited by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to conduct driving lessons to our aspiring drivers.